Baby Girl Names in Telugu: a to z baby girl names in telugu

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Introduction: Baby Girl Names in Telugu

Welcome to our thorough reference on Baby Girl Names in Telugu. Naming your child is an important choice, and it is essential to choose a name that has cultural value and meaning. Names are more than just labels in Telugu culture; they express heritage, tradition, and ideals. In this tutorial, we’ll look at the beauty of Telugu female names, their meanings, and provide you a variety of options. Whether you’re a future parent, a relative, or simply curious about Telugu names, this information will help you make an informed decision.

The Importance of Telugu Names

Naming a child is an important and meaningful right in Telugu culture. Astrological decisions and family customs are frequently used to select names. A child’s destiny and character are thought to be shaped by his or her name, making it an important decision for parents.

Telugu Traditional Names

Telugu girl names have strong mythological and historical connections. Lakshmi, Sita, and Anasuya are names that contain legends of strength, beauty, and morality. We’ll look at the meanings of these names and how they relate to Telugu culture.

Baby Girl Names in Telugu Modern & Unique: a to z baby girl names in telugu

Baby Girl Names in Telugu
Baby Girl Names in Telugu
Name With Meanings
Nature-Inspired Names:
Dhara (ధార) – தாரா – Meaning “Earth.”
Neela (నీల) – நீலா – Signifying “Blue.”
Saanvi (సాన్వి) – சான்வி – Denoting “Goddess Lakshmi.”
Vanya (వన్య) – வன்யா – Meaning “Forest.”
Tarini (తారిణి) – தாரிணி – Signifying “Goddess Parvati.”
Names Reflecting Strength:
Tejaswini (తేజస్విని) – தேஜஸ்வினி – Denoting “Energetic.”
Sahasra (సహస్ర) – சஹஸ்ரா – Meaning “A thousand.”
Maanvi (మాన్వి) – மான்வி – Signifying “Kind-hearted.”
Sridevi (శ్రీదేవి) – ஶ்ரீதேவி – Denoting “Goddess Lakshmi.”
Pragati (ప్రగతి) – பிரகதி – Meaning “Progress.”
Flower Names:
Alaka (అలక) – அலகா – Signifying “A small, decorative flower.”
Parijat (పారిజాత) – பாரிஜாதா – Denoting “Night-flowering jasmine.”
Kusum (కుసుమ) – குஸும் – Meaning “Flower.”
Champa (చంప) – சம்பா – Signifying “Champa flower.”
Kamala (కమల) – க‌ம‌லா – Denoting “Lotus.”
Names Inspired by Virtues:
Ananya (అనన్య) – அனன்யா – Meaning “Unique” or “Inseparable.”
Shruti (శ్రుతి) – ஸ்ருతி – Signifying “Learning” or “Listening.”
Charu (చారు) – சாரு – Denoting “Beautiful” or “Gorgeous.”
Maitri (మైత్రి) – மைத்ரி – Meaning “Friendship” or “Amity.”
Sadhvi (సాధ్వి) – ஸாத்வி – Signifying “Virtuous Woman.”
Celebrity-Inspired Names:
Aishwarya (ఐశ్వర్య) – ஐஷ்வர்யா – Meaning “Prosperity” or “Wealth.”
Deepika (దీపిక) – தீபிகா – Denoting “Luminous” or “Glowing.”
Kajal (కాజల్) – காஜல் – Signifying “Kohl” or “Eyeliner.”
Samantha (సమంతా) – சமஂதா – Meaning “Listener” or “Hearer.”
Trisha (త్రిష) – த்ரிஷா – Denoting “Thirst” or “Desire.”
Goddess Names:
Lalitha (లలిత) – லலிதா – Signifying “Beautiful” or “Graceful.”
Gayathri (గాయత్రి) – காயத்ரி – Denoting “Mother of the Vedas” or “Goddess Saraswati.”
Meenakshi (మీనాక్షి) – மீனாக்ஷி – Meaning “Fish-eyed” or “Goddess Parvati.”
Annapurna (అన్నపూర్ణ) – அந்நபூர்ணா – Signifying “Goddess of Food” or “Provider of Nourishment.”
Sarada (శారద) – ஸారదా – Denoting “Goddess Saraswati” or “Knowledge.”
Music-Inspired Names:
Sangeetha (సంగీత) – சங்கீதா – Meaning “Music” or “Melody.”
Vani (వాణి) – வாணி – Signifying “Speech” or “Voice.”
Raaga (రాగ) – ராகா – Denoting “Musical Tune” or “Melodic.”
Tharangini (తరంగిణి) – தரஂகிணி – Meaning “Waves” or “Musical Notes.”
Geetika (గీతిక) – கீతிகா – Signifying “Song” or “Singer.”
Names with Positive Meanings:
Khushi (ఖుశి) – குషి – Denoting “Happiness” or “Joy.”
Samridhi (సమృద్ధి) – ஸమృద்஧ி – Meaning “Prosperity” or “Abundance.”
Nitya (నిత్య) – நித்யா – Signifying “Eternal” or “Constant.”
Aanya (ఆన్య) – ஆன்யா – Denoting “Inexhaustible” or “Endless.”
Hamsika (హంసిక) – ஹஂஸிகா – Meaning “Graceful Swan” or “Elegant.”
Names Inspired by Gemstones:
Manikya (మాణిక్య) – மாணிக்யா – Signifying “Ruby.”
Neelam (నీలం) – நீலம் – Denoting “Sapphire.”
Panna (పన్న) – பண்ணா – Meaning “Emerald.”
Pukhraj (పుష్పరాగము) – புஷ்பராகமு – Signifying “Yellow Sapphire.”
Vajra (వజ్ర) – வஜ்ரா – Denoting “Diamond.”
Names from Mythology:
Amrita (అమృత) – அமிர்தா – Meaning “Nectar of the Gods.”
Devika (దేవిక) – தேவிகா – Signifying “Little Goddess.”
Rukmini (రుక్మిణి) – ருக்மிணி – Denoting “Wife of Lord Krishna.”
Sita (సీత) – சீதா – Meaning “Furrow” or “Goddess Sita.”
Yashoda (యశోద) – யஶோதா – Signifying “Mother of Lord Krishna.”
Names Inspired by Stars and Celestial Bodies:
Akasha (ఆకాశ) – ஆகாஷா – Denoting “Sky” or “Space.”
Arya (ఆర్య) – ஆர்யா – Meaning “Noble” or “Elegant.”
Sukanya (సుకన్య) – சுகன்யா – Signifying “Beautiful Girl.”
Divya (దివ్య) – திவ்யா – Denoting “Divine” or “Heavenly.”
Apsara (అప్సర) – அப்ஸர – Meaning “Celestial Maiden” or “Angel.”
Names with Cultural Significance:
Kaveri (కావేరి) – காவேரி – Signifying “River Kaveri.”
Bharathi (భారతి) – பாரதி – Denoting “Goddess Saraswati.”
Nanditha (నందిత) – நந்திதா – Meaning “Joyful” or “Happy.”
Tulasi (తులసి) – துலஸி – Signifying “Sacred Basil Plant.”
Kala (కళా) – க‌ளா – Denoting “Art” or “Time.”
Names with Religious Significance:
Aaradhya (ఆరాధ్య) – ஆராத்யா – Meaning “Worshipped” or “Adored.”
Annapoorna (అన్నపూర్ణ) – அன்னபூர்ணா – Signifying “Goddess of Food.”
Charan (చరణ) – ச‌ர‌ண – Denoting “Feet” or “Refuge.”
Krishna (కృష్ణ) – கிரு‌ஷ்ணா – Meaning “Dark” or “Lord Krishna.”
Gayatri (గాయత్రి) – காயத்ரி – Signifying “Goddess Gayatri” or “Mantra.”
Names Representing Beauty:
Chandana (చందన) – ச‌ந்தன‌ – Meaning “Sandalwood.”
Roshni (రోష్ణి) – ரோ‌ஷ்ணி – Signifying “Light” or “Brightness.”
Manasa (మనస) – ம‌ந‌ஸா – Denoting “Beautiful Mind.”
Kusuma (కుసుమ) – குసுమ – Meaning “Flower.”
Madhura (మధుర) – ம‌து‌ரா – Signifying “Sweet” or “Pleasant.”
Names Inspired by Elements:
Agni (అగ్ని) – அக்னி – Denoting “Fire” or “God of Fire.”
Neeraja (నీరజ) – நீரஜா – Meaning “Lotus” or “Born in Water.”
Vayu (వాయు) – வாயு – Signifying “Wind” or “God of Wind.”
Varsha (వర్ష) – வர்ஷா – Denoting “Rain” or “Monsoon.”
Surya (సూర్య) – சூர்யா – Meaning “Sun” or “God of Sun.”
Names with Graceful Meanings:
Nithya (నిత్య) – நித்யா – Signifying “Eternal” or “Constant.”
Kavya (కావ్య) – காவ்யா – Denoting “Poetry” or “Creative.”
Deeksha (దీక్ష) – தீக்ஷா – Meaning “Initiation” or “Consecration.”
Vasundhara (వసుంధర) – வஸுந்தரா – Signifying “Earth” or “Goddess of Earth.”
Anusha (అనుష) – அநுஷா – Denoting “Beautiful Morning.”
Names Inspired by Celestial Bodies:
Soma (సోమ) – சோம – Meaning “Moon.”
Agni (అగ్ని) – அக்னி – Signifying “Fire” or “God of Fire.”
Rohini (రోహిణి) – ரோஹிணி – Denoting “A Star” or “Aldebaran.”
Nakshatra (నక్షత్ర) – ந‌க்ஷ‌த்ர – Meaning “Star” or “Constellation.”
Dhruva (ధ్రువ) – த்ருவ – Signifying “Pole Star” or “Constant.”
Names Inspired by Gems and Jewels:
Manikya (మాణిక్య) – மாணிக்யா – Denoting “Ruby.”
Neelam (నీలమ్) – நீலம் – Meaning “Sapphire.”
Vajra (వజ్ర) – வஜ்ரா – Signifying “Diamond” or “Thunderbolt.”
Panna (పన్న) – ப‌ன்ன‌ – Denoting “Emerald.”
Hema (హేమ) – ஹேம – Meaning “Gold.”
Names Inspired by Arts and Creativity:
Kala (కళ) – க‌ள – Signifying “Art” or “Creativity.”
Rasa (రస) – ர‌ஸ – Denoting “Aesthetic Essence.”
Vrinda (వృంద) – வ்ரிந்தா – Meaning “Musical” or “Cluster of Flowers.”
Rachita (రచిత) – ர‌சிதா – Signifying “Created” or “Crafted.”
Sarala (సరళ) – ஸ‌ర‌ள – Denoting “Simple” or “Straightforward.”
Names Inspired by Positive Qualities:
Shubha (శుభ) – சுప‌ – Meaning “Auspicious” or “Good.”
Mangala (మంగల) – ம‌ఙ்க‌ళ – Signifying “Fortunate” or “Auspicious.”
Vidya (విద్య) – வித்யா – Denoting “Knowledge” or “Wisdom.”
Lakshya (ల‌క్ష్య) – ல‌க்ஷ்ய – Meaning “Goal” or “Aim.”
Akshaya (అక్షయ) – அக்ஷ‌ய – Signifying “Indestructible” or “Eternal.”
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Baby Girl Names in Telugu

Baby Girl Names in Telugu that are trendy and modern

Telugu parents are increasingly adopting modern names like as Meher, Tanvi, and Harika in the modern period. We’ll look at these current names and their attraction to today’s parents, who want names that are both traditional and modern.

Telugu names that are unique and uncommon

Telugu culture provides a treasure trove of less popular opportunities for parents looking for unique names. Names like Bhuvika, Charitha, and Jhansi have a certain appeal. We’ll explain the significance of these hidden gems.

Tips for Selecting the Ideal Telugu Name

Choosing a name for your baby girl is a very personal journey. We’ll provide you some pointers to help you make this critical decision. We’ve got you covered on everything from family traditions to exploring name meanings and pronunciation.


Choosing a name for your baby girl is an important and memorable occasion. Telugu culture provides a wealth of alternatives, ranging from old classics to contemporary favorites. This guide is designed to help you pick the perfect name that reflects your cultural history and speaks to your heart.

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