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Unique Baby Girl Names Starting P: A Treasure Trove of Indian Inspiration

By Baby Names | Updated: January 30, 2024, 21:31 IST

Baby Girl Name: Unique Baby Girl Names Starting P Letter Naming your baby girl is an exciting but important decision. It’s a name that will become a part of her identity as she grows, developing her character and personality. If you’re searching for something unique and culturally rich, Indian baby names beginning with the letter ‘P’ have a wide range of alternatives. In this blog post, we’ll look at a riveting collection of one-of-a-kind baby girl names that not only sound lovely but also have significant cultural importance.

Unique Baby Girl Names Starting P
Unique Baby Girl Names Starting P

Unique Baby Girl Names Starting P: Finding the Perfect Name:

Choosing a name for your baby girl is a personal venture that allows you to instill cultural and familial significance in her identity. Names in India frequently have significant connotations that resonate with languages, cultures, and mythology. As we explore the list of unique Indian baby girl names starting P,’ you’ll discover a plethora of options, each with its own particular charm and history.

Unique Baby Girl Top 100 Selected P Letter Names
Spiritual and Traditional Names:
Parvati – Goddess of love and devotion.
Padmavati – Resembling a lotus; Goddess Lakshmi.
Prakriti – Nature or the natural world.
Pavitra – Pure or sacred.
Pooja – Worship or prayer.
Pranika – Full of life and energy.
Prabha – Radiance or brilliance.
Padmini – Resembling a lotus; a woman of noble descent.
Parimala – Fragrant or delightful.
Priyamvada – One who speaks sweetly and lovingly.
Nature-Inspired Names:
Prisha – Beloved.
Pari – Fairy or angel.
Palak – Eyelash.
Pritha – Earth.
Prithika – Earth.
Parinita – Expert.
Pavana – Purifying.
Parnika – Small leaf.
Pranali – Organized.
Pariniti – Initiative.
Modern and Trendy Names:
Pihu – Chirping of a bird.
Palavi – New leaves.
Parisha – Like a fairy.
Parina – Beauty of the sea.
Parizad – Of royal lineage.
Palomi – Dove.
Pravya – Goddess Parvati.
Preesha – Beloved.
Prayana – Journey.
Prerana – Inspiration.
Sanskrit and Mythological Names:
Pavani – Goddess Sita.
Pranavi – Goddess Saraswati.
Purnima – Full moon.
Priyanka – Dear one; charming.
Prishaanvi – Loving and gracious.
Purvi – From the east.
Pushpa – Flower.
Padmini – Resembling a lotus.
Padma – Lotus.
Preeti – Love and affection.
Names with a Positive Meaning:
Payal – Anklet.
Priti – Love; pleasure.
Palakshi – Having eyes like a leaf.
Parnika – A small leaf.
Prajakta – A flower.
Pavithra – Pure and sacred.
Pihu – Sweet sound; a bird’s chirping.
Piyusha – Nectar; milk.
Parvisha – Goddess of beauty.
Pranjali – Prayer with folded hands.
Names Inspired by Colors:
Pallavi – New leaves; blooming.
Paridhi – Limit; boundary.
Parinaaz – Beautiful like a fairy.
Pallavini – New leaves; blossoming.
Prithvi – Earth.
Phalguni – Born in the month of Phalgun.
Padmahasta – Holding a lotus.
Palashini – Covered with flowers.
Preetika – Lover; affectionate.
Parnasha – A small leaf.
Names Inspired by Music and Arts:
Pavani – Goddess of music; Saraswati.
Pranavi – Melodious; musical.
Pratiksha – Waiting; anticipation.
Pandita – Scholar; learned person.
Prafulla – Cheerful; delighted.
Pratima – Idol; image.
Priyasha – Dear; beloved.
Pralisha – Talent in singing and dancing.
Prakriti – Nature; creation.
Purva – Elder; ancient.
Names Reflecting Strength and Confidence:
Panchali – Princess of Panchala; Draupadi.
Parisha – A small fairy.
Parul – Graceful; a kind of flower.
Preetika – Beloved; affectionate.
Pragya – Wisdom; intellect.
Parveen – Star.
Pranjal – Honest; straightforward.
Parimita – Limitless.
Pravisha – Illumination; light.
Parisha – Like a fairy.
Names with Unique and Modern Appeal:
Priyanshi – Dear one; loving.
Pavita – Pure and holy.
Pranisha – Queen of life.
Parinitha – Expert; skilled.
Parni – A small leaf.
Pranjalika – Honest and straightforward.
Parijat – A celestial flower; night-flowering jasmine.
Pravitha – Pure and virtuous.
Pragati – Progress; development.
Pushti – Health; nourishment.
Names Inspired by Gemstones and Precious Things:
Padmamalini – Wearing a lotus garland.
Parnal – Leafy.
Purnita – Complete; fulfilled.
Prathima – Icon; image.
Parinisha – Queen of the fairies.
Pranjalika – Honest and straightforward.
Parjanya – Rain; God of rain.
Parvisha – Goddess of beauty and strength.
Purnisha – Queen of the night.
Purvika – Belonging to the East.

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Unique Baby Girl Names Starting P

Before we get into the list of unusual Indian Unique Baby Girl Names Starting ‘P’ let’s take a moment to appreciate the naming trends that have grown through time. Historically, Indian names were frequently chosen for their cultural and religious importance. While many families still favor these traditional names, there is an increasing trend toward adopting distinctive and trendy names that reflect personal tastes.

Cultural Importance:

Indian culture is known for its variety, which is reflected in the country’s diverse range of languages and traditions. Names from various areas frequently have their own distinct cultural and linguistic significance. Whether you choose names with Sanskrit roots, names inspired by regional languages, or names inspired by Hindu mythology, you’ll find a name that fits your family’s cultural background.

Tips for Selecting the Ideal Name:

The name you choose for your baby girl will define her identity for the rest of her life. Here are some suggestions to make the process go more smoothly:

  • Consider Meaning: Consider the meaning of the name. Does it have unique meaning for your family or a positive connotation?
  • Cultural Connection: If you want to celebrate a particular cultural or linguistic background, look into names from that tradition.
  • Uniqueness: While unique names are great, make sure they are easy to say and spell to avoid confusion.
  • Family Influence: Family names or names that honor relatives can be meaningful choices at times.
  • Considerations for the Future: Consider how the name will sound and fit your child as he or she grows into adulthood.


Choosing a name for your baby girl is an exciting and meaningful experience. This blog post’s list of unusual Indian baby girl names beginning with ‘P’ is a terrific place to start your research. Remember that the name you choose will be a gift that your child will remember for a lifetime, so take your time and make it memorable.

We wish you luck on your naming journey and hope you find the name that properly reflects the soul of your darling little one.

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