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Modern Unique: Bengali Baby Girl Name List A to Z

By Baby Names | Updated: January 30, 2024, 20:40 IST

Bengali baby girl name lists A to Z!: Welcome to the wonderful world of We’re here to make the exciting process of selecting the ideal name for your child even more enjoyable. To assist you in selecting the perfect Bengali baby girl name list A to Z for your priceless princess, we have assembled a varied assortment of unusual Bengali baby girl name lists A to Z in this carefully crafted list, arranged from A to Z.

Bengali baby girl name list a to z
Bengali baby girl name list a to z

Bengali Baby Girl Name list A to Z

Divine and expressive:
আবনিতা (Abnita): Expressive.
দিতি (Diti): Deity.
ইন্দ্রাণী (Indrani): Wife of Lord Indra.
মালিনি (Malini): Florist.
ওয়ামিকা (Oamika): Goddess Saraswati.
বৃষ্টি (Brishti): Rain.
মেঘনা (Meghna): River.
তারা (Tara): Star.
ফুলমালা (Phoolmala): Garland of Flowers.
চায়না (Chayna): Moonlight.
Desirable Qualities:
এশা (Esha): Desire.
কামিতা (Kamita): Desired.
চাঁদনী (Chandni): Moonlight.
ফরিদা (Farida): Unique.
গৌরাঙ্গী (Gaurangi): Fair Complexioned.
Goddess and Spiritual: Bengali Baby girl names
গর্ভিতা (Gorvita): Goddess Parvati.
হেমাদ্রি (Hemadri): Golden Mountain.
ইশিকা (Ishika): Paintbrush.
জীবিকা (Jivika): Source of Life.
কুসুম (Kusum): Flower.
Beautiful and Successful: Names
কুমুদিনী (Kumudini): Lotus.
লতিকা (Latika): Small Creeper.
মাধুলিকা (Madhulika): Sweet.
নায়িকা (Nayika): Actress.
রাধিকা (Radhika): Successful.
Limitless and Unique: Names
পড়ামিতা (Poramita): Limitless.
অপরাজিতা (Oparajita): Undefeated.
ইতিকা (Itika): Wish.
উত্সা (Utsa): Spring.
উপাসিতা (Upasita): Worshiped.
Gift and Destiny:
তিয়াশা (Tiasha): Gift of God.
ভাগ্যা (Bhagya): Destiny.
ভুমিকা (Bhumika): Earth.
হৃদয়া (Hridya): Heart.
ভাবনা (Bhabna): Thoughts.
Light and Star:
জ্যোতি (Jyoti): Light.
কৌসিকা (Kousika): Shining star.
রূপসা (Rupsa): Beautiful.
সমিতা (Samita): Collected.
সোহিনী (Sohini): Beautiful.
Silent and Creative:
এনিশা (Enisha): Queen of all.
কল্পিতা (Kalpita): Imagined.
চিত্রিকা (Chitrka): Works of art.
ফুলকি (Phulki): Spark.
মৌনিকা (Maunika): Silent girl.
Fair and Golden:
গৌরিকা (Gaurika): Fair maiden.
হেমিতা (Hemita): Golden.
হেমালিনি (Hemalini): Golden flower.
ইন্দুলেখা (Indulekha): Moon.
ইরিতা (Irita): Respected.
Delicate and Distinguished:
কোমলা (Komala): Delicate.
লক্ষিতা (Lakshita): Distinguished.
মাল্যা (Malya): Garland.
নিতিকা (Nitika): Moral.
নিতাইতা (Nitaita): Inseparable.
Awake and Desired:
জাগ্রিতা (Jagrita): Awake.
এশিতা (Eshita): Desired.
ফালকি (Falki): Star.
গার্গি (Gargi): An ancient scholar.
পায়েল (Payel): Anklet.
Tradition and Friendship:
রীতিকা (Ritika): Tradition.
তিতিরা (Titira): Butterfly.
চারুলতা (Charulata): Beautiful creeper.
ত্রিতী (Triti): Friendship.
সিমান্তিনি (Simantini): Border.
Red-skinned and Night:
লিপিকা (Lipika): Writing.
লোহিনী (Lohini): Red-skinned.
রাত্রি (Ratri): Night.
প্রিয়াঙ্কা (Priyanka): Beloved.
চঞ্চলা (Chanchala): Restless.
Full Moon and Moral:
পৌর্ণিমা (Pournima): Full moon.
নিরজা (Niraja): Goddess Lakshmi.
হেমাদ্রি (Hemadri): Golden Mountain.
ইলিশা (Ilisha): Queen of the earth.
রাশি (Rashi): Wealth.
Covered and Imagined:
অস্তরিতা (Ostorita): Covered.
কুলিকা (Kulika): Bud.
ইন্দুলেখা (Indulekha): Moon.
মৌনিকা (Maunika): Silent girl.
তিয়াশা (Tiasha): Gift of God.
Limitless and Queen:
পড়মিতা (Poromita): Limitless.
এইশানি (Eishani): Goddess Parvati.
নয়নিকা (Nayonika): One with expressive eyes.
সমান্তিকা (Samantika): Universal.
চিত্রিকা (Chitrka): Works of art.
Imagined and Destiny:
কল্পিতা (Kalpita): Imagined.
বৃষ্টি (Brishti): Rain.
মাধুলিকা (Madhulika): Sweet.
তিতিরা (Titira): Butterfly.
ভুমিকা (Bhumika): Earth.
Night and Restless:
রাত্রি (Ratri): Night.
চঞ্চলা (Chanchala): Restless.
ফালকি (Falki): Star.
গৌরিকা (Gaurika): Fair maiden.
হেমাদ্রি (Hemadri): Golden Mountain.
Desired and Distinguished:
এশা (Esha): Desire.
দীপিকা (Deepika): Lamp.
লক্ষিতা (Lakshita): Distinguished.
এশিতা (Eshita): Desired.
রূপসা (Rupsa): Beautiful.
Select a name for your child that expresses their individuality and speaks to your heart.

Why Choose Bengali Baby Girl Names?

Bengali names are more than just designations; they represent a window into the diverse cultural fabric of Bengal. These names have an enduring appeal rooted in history and embellished with beautiful tones. Bengali names provide a variety of choices, whether you’re looking for a traditional name or one with a modern spin.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bengali Baby Girl Name list a to z:

  • Meaning Matters: Learn about the significance of the names. Select a name that has personal meaning or strikes a chord with favorable traits.
  • Cultural Significance: Consider names that allude to festivals, the natural world, or notable Bengali personalities.
  • Sound and Pronunciation: Say it aloud to make sure the name sounds good and is easy to pronounce. Speaking a lovely name enchants listeners even more.
  • Family Traditions: Examine names or customs that have sentimental meaning in your family. This has the potential to forge lovely generational bonds.
  • Modern or Traditional: Choose a name that follows current trends or one that has a strong historical foundation. Bengali names provide a smooth combination of the two.
  • Examine Nicknames: Contemplate possible monikers that may be formed from the selected name. Make sure the moniker suits your tastes as well.


Choosing the ideal Bengali baby girl name is an exciting milestone that brings happiness and expectation. Our carefully chosen A to Z list, full of many meanings and cultural values, is meant to inspire and lead you on this enjoyable trip. Recall that every name has a history and a legacy that contributes to the uniqueness of your loved one and lends a hint of Bengali magic. Cheers to naming!


What are some popular Bengali baby girl names starting with ‘A’?

Adwita, Anvita, Ahona, Anaya, and more. Check our comprehensive list for a variety of options.

Can you suggest unique Bengali names that are easy to pronounce?

Certainly! Names like Elina, Drishti, and Pihu offer both uniqueness and simplicity in pronunciation.

Are there Bengali baby girl names inspired by nature?

Absolutely! Names like Bodhi, Banhi, and Tithira draw inspiration from nature’s beauty.

How do I ensure the chosen name aligns with Bengali culture?

Consider names with cultural significance, such as those inspired by festivals, historical figures, or traditional elements.

Can you provide tips for selecting a nickname along with the full name?

Consider the sound and length of the name for a suitable nickname. Names like Riya could have a charming nickname like “Ri.

How important is it to consider family traditions when naming a baby?

Family traditions can add sentimental value to a name. Explore names that hold significance within your family.

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