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Tamil Baby Boy Names: A Complete Guide to Meaningful Monikers

By Baby Names | Updated: January 31, 2024, 00:17 IST

Tamil Baby Boy Names guidance: An important decision, choosing a good name for your child represents the history, ideals, and desires of your family. To help you in selecting the perfect name for your child, we’ll look at the beauty and complexity of Tamil baby boy names in this in-depth overview.

Tamil Baby Boy Names
Tamil Baby Boy Names

Tamil Baby Boy Names and Their Meaning in Tamil Culture

Tamil culture attaches a high value to names. They represent the history, religion, and dreams of your family, going beyond simple names. The meanings of Tamil names are carefully picked depending on their inspiration, which might include nature, gods, people from history, and qualities. By giving your newborn son a Tamil name, you may celebrate your cultural history and foster an early sense of identity.

Tamil Baby Boy Names
Tamil Baby Boy Names

Let’s commence our exploration with some of the most popular Tamil baby boy names:

Arjun: This timeless name means “bright” or “shining,” rooted in Hindu mythology, symbolizing enlightenment and brilliance.
Vijay: A name signifying “victory,” Vijay embodies success and triumph, making it a preferred choice among parents.
Karthik: Associated with Lord Muruga, Karthik represents divinity, blessings, and auspicious beginnings.
Aditya: Meaning “the sun,” Aditya radiates warmth, positivity, and hope, making it a name filled with optimism.
Vishnu: Named after the revered Lord Vishnu, this moniker embodies divine protection and preservation, instilling a sense of security.
Tamil Baby Boy Names

Unique Tamil Baby Boy Names

For those seeking distinctiveness, consider these unique Tamil baby boy names:

Kavin: This charming name means “handsome” or “charming,” encapsulating your child’s unique appeal.
Roshan: Roshan signifies “light” or “illumination,” embodying positivity and enlightenment, ideal for a bright future.
Hariharan: Combining the names of Lord Vishnu (Hari) and Lord Shiva (Haran), Hariharan represents a harmonious blend of divine qualities.
Kiran: Meaning “ray of light” or “beam of the sun,” Kiran inspires hope, radiance, and a promising life journey.
Sarvesh: This unique name translates to “lord of all,” symbolizing strength, leadership, and a sense of responsibility.
Tamil Baby Boy Names

Modern and Trendy Tamil Baby Boy Names

For parents with a modern flair, consider these trendy Tamil baby boy names that have gained popularity in recent years:

Aarav: Aarav, meaning “peaceful,” reflects serenity and tranquility, ensuring a peaceful and calm personality.
Advait: Signifying “unique” or “one of a kind,” Advait celebrates individuality and distinctiveness, ideal for a special child.
Aryan: This name represents “noble” or “honorable” qualities and has become fashionable in modern times, signifying aspiration and dignity.
Ishaan: Inspired by Lord Shiva, Ishaan refers to the “rising sun” or “northeast direction,” symbolizing new beginnings and growth.
Vihaan: Meaning “dawn” or “morning,” Vihaan represents the start of a new day and a fresh start, filling life with hope.

boy baby name list in Tamil

Divine Names
Adithya (ஆதித்யா) – Meaning “The Sun,” symbolizing brightness.
Murugan (முருகன்) – Named after Lord Muruga, the god of war and victory.
Vishnu (விஷ்ணு) – After Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the universe.
Karthik (கர்த்திக்) – Associated with Lord Muruga, symbolizing blessings.
Anand (ஆனந்த்) – Meaning “Happiness” or “Joy.”
Nature-Inspired Names:
Akilan (அகிலான்) – Signifying “Worldly.”
Paruvatham (பருவத்தம்) – Meaning “Mountain.”
Paruthasan (பருதாசன்) – After the “River.”
Irakam (இராகம்) – Symbolizing “Rain.”
Mayilan (மயிலான்) – Inspired by the “Peacock.”
Virtue-Centric Names:
Veeran (வீரன்) – Meaning “Brave” or “Heroic.”
Dharma (தர்மா) – Signifying “Righteousness.”
Arul (அருள்) – Representing “Divine Grace.”
Sathyam (சத்யம்) – Meaning “Truth.”
Shanmugam (ஷண்முகம்) – “Six-Faced,” a name for Lord Muruga.
Names Inspired by Flowers:
Manikandan (மணிகண்டன்) – Meaning “Ruby-Throated,” another name for Lord Muruga.
Semparuthi (செம்பருத்தி) – Inspired by the “Hibiscus” flower.
Malarvendan (மலர்வேந்தன்) – Signifying “King of Flowers.”
Pooventhan (பூவேந்தன்) – Meaning “Lord of Flowers.”
Kurinji (குறிஞ்சி) – Inspired by the “Kurinji” flower, found in the Western Ghats.
Names Reflecting Strength:
Agni (அக்னி) – Signifying “Fire” and strength.
Veerasamy (வீரசாமி) – Meaning “Heroic Lord.”
Balamurugan (பலமுருகன்) – Combining “Strength” with Lord Muruga.
Suriyan (சூரியன்) – After the “Sun,” symbolizing power.
Valavan (வளவன்) – Meaning “Strong” or “Powerful.”
Names Inspired by Animals:
Pulikesi (புலிகேசி) – Named after a tiger-like character in Tamil folklore.
Kodi (கொடி) – Signifying “Flag” or “Banner,” associated with strength.
Manickam (மாணிக்கம்) – Meaning “Ruby,” symbolizing strength and preciousness.
Pandiyan (பாண்டியன்) – Referring to the ancient Pandya dynasty.
Karuppu (கருப்பு) – Meaning “Black,” often associated with strength and resilience.
Names Inspired by Music:
Isaiarasu (இசைஅரசு) – Signifying “King of Music.”
Ganeshan (கணேஷன்) – Meaning “Lord of Music,” honoring Lord Ganesha.
Sangeeth (சங்கீத்) – Referring to “Music” itself.
Ragavan (ராகவன்) – Named after Lord Rama, symbolizing musical beauty.
Thaalamurugan (தாளமுருகன்) – Combining “Rhythm” with Lord Muruga.
Names Inspired by Colors:
Neelakandan (நீலகண்டன்) – Meaning “Blue-Throated,” a name for Lord Krishna.
Manimaran (மணிமாரண்) – Signifying “Ruby-Like,” a precious and colorful name.
Vannan (வண்ணன்) – Reflecting “Color,” often associated with vibrancy.
Pachai (பச்சை) – Meaning “Green,” symbolizing freshness and growth.
Arumugham (அருமுகம்) – Referring to “Six-Faced,” another name for Lord Muruga.
Names Reflecting Wisdom
Arivu (அறிவு) – Signifying “Knowledge” or “Wisdom.”
Gnanavel (ஞானவேல்) – Meaning “Wisdom’s Spear,” symbolizing intelligence.
Manivannan (மணிவண்ணன்) – Named after “Jewels” and reflecting brilliance.
Muthukumar (முத்துக்குமார்) – Meaning “Pearl Prince,” symbolizing wisdom.
Vidhya (வித்யா) – Signifying “Knowledge” or “Education.”
Names Inspired by Stars:
Arudhra (அருத்ரா) – Named after the “Arudhra” star, symbolizing brightness.
Chithirai (சித்திரை) – Referring to the “Chithirai” star, often associated with beauty.
Rohini (ரோகிணி) – Named after the “Rohini” star, symbolizing prosperity.
Punarpoosam (புனர்பூசம்) – Meaning “The Return of the Flower,” associated with renewal.
Uthiram (உத்திரம்) – Signifying the “Uthiram” star, representing creativity.
Names Reflecting Prosperity:
Srihari (ஸ்ரீஹரி) – Meaning “Lord Vishnu,” symbolizing prosperity.
Dhanush (தனுஷ்) – Named after “Bow,” often associated with abundance.
Baskar (பாஸ்கர்) – Referring to “The Sun,” symbolizing radiance and prosperity.
Velu (வேலு) – Signifying “Spear,” often associated with wealth and protection.
Arasan (அரசன்) – Meaning “King,” representing prosperity and leadership.
Names Inspired by Elements:
Agni (அக்னி) – Signifying “Fire” and strength.
Varunan (வருணன்) – Named after “Water,” symbolizing fluidity and adaptability.
Prithvi (பிரித்வி) – Meaning “Earth,” representing stability and groundedness.
Vayu (வாயு) – Referring to “Air” or “Wind,” symbolizing freedom and movement.
Akash (ஆகாஷ்) – Signifying “Sky” or “Ether,” representing vastness and openness.
Names Reflecting Leadership:
Arivoli (அறிவோலி) – Meaning “Lamp of Knowledge,” symbolizing leadership.
Ilamurugu (இளமுருகு) – Named after “Young Muruga,” representing leadership.
Samuthirakani (சமுத்திரகணி) – Signifying “Ocean-Like,” symbolizing depth and strength.
Velraj (வேல்ராஜ்) – Referring to “King of Spears,” representing authority.
Arumai (அருமை) – Meaning “Excellence” or “Leadership.”
Names Inspired by Historical Figures:
Kamarajar (காமராஜர்) – Named after K. Kamaraj, a renowned leader and politician.
Bharathi (பாரதி) – Signifying “Bharathiyar,” a famous poet and freedom fighter.
Periyar (பெரியார்) – Referring to E. V. Ramasamy Periyar, a social reformer and activist.
Kannadasan (கண்ணதாசன்) – Meaning “Kannadasan,” a prominent lyricist and poet.
MGR (எம்.ஜி.ஆர்) – Named after M.G. Ramachandran, a legendary actor and politician.
Names Reflecting Beauty:
Sundar (சுந்தர்) – Signifying “Beautiful” or “Handsome.”
Sugumar (சுகுமார்) – Meaning “Charming Youth.”
Azhagan (அழகன்) – Referring to “Beautiful” or “Gorgeous.”
Kaviarasan (கவிஅரசன்) – Named after “King of Poetry.”
Nagarajan (நாகராஜன்) – Signifying “Lord of Snakes” and often associated with beauty.
Names Inspired by Warriors:
Veerappan (வீரப்பன்) – Meaning “Brave Person” or “Warrior.”
Azhagiya Singam (அழகிய சிங்கம்) – Signifying “Beautiful Lion,” a symbol of strength.
Pulithevan (புலிதேவன்) – Referring to a “Tiger God,” symbolizing bravery.
Kaavalan (காவலன்) – Meaning “Protector” or “Guardian,” often associated with warriors.
Senathipathi (சேனாதிபதி) – Named after a “Commander-in-Chief,” symbolizing leadership in battle.
Names Reflecting Happiness:
Santhosh (சந்தோஷ்) – Signifying “Happiness” or “Joy.”
Anbu (அன்பு) – Meaning “Love” or “Affection.”
Mannan (மன்னன்) – Referring to a “King” or a source of happiness.
Vannamalar (வண்ணமலர்) – Symbolizing “Colorful Flowers,” often associated with joy.
Siragu (சிறகு) – Meaning “Wings,” symbolizing freedom and happiness.
Names Inspired by Arts:
Kavi (கவி) – Signifying “Poet” or “Writer.”
Kalaiarasan (கலைஅரசன்) – Meaning “King of Arts.”
Isaithendral (இசைதேன்றல்) – Referring to “Musical Excellence.”
Silaankodu (சிலாங்கொடு) – Named after a “Dancer,” symbolizing artistic talent.
Chitravel (சித்ரவேல்) – Signifying “Artistic Victory.”
Names Reflecting Purity:
Suddan (சுத்தன்) – Meaning “Pure” or “Clean.”
Achuthan (அசூதன்) – Signifying “Immaculate” or “Stainless.”
Vimalan (விமலன்) – Referring to “Pure” or “Spotless

Tamil Baby Boy Names

How to Choose the Perfect Name

Choosing a perfect name for your son is a very careful and personal decision. Here are some important tips to help you:

  • Meaning Matters: Research the origins of the names you are choosing. Analyze the qualities and values that you want to teach your kid.
  • Cultural Connection: By choosing a name that is strongly ingrained in Tamil culture, you may embrace your Tamil origins and build your connection to it.
  • Pronunciation: Make sure the name is simple to speak and spell, especially if you live in a diverse neighborhood.
  • Family and Tradition: Talk with family members and professionals who can provide helpful guidance on naming traditions in your family.
  • Uniqueness: Individuality and tradition ought to live together. Traditional names are lovely, but a child with an unusual name will stand out.

Naming Ceremony in Tamil Culture

The ” Namakaranam ” ceremony, which marks the naming of a baby, is an important occasion in Tamil culture. A priest chooses the baby’s name during this process using the child’s horoscope and other astrological factors. To heighten the sense of anticipation and tradition, the selected name is frequently kept a secret until the ceremony.

Resources for Baby Naming

Consider using these websites to help you while you search for the ideal Tamil baby boy name

  • Online databases of baby names: Multiple lists of Tamil baby names with meanings are available on websites like TamilNames.com and BehindTheName.com.
  • Books: For deeper knowledge and for inspiration, look into books on Tamil culture and baby names.
  • Getting advice from elders: Ask older family members who have experience and insight to offer their opinions and thoughts.


Choosing a name for your child is a happy and important process. Names bear witness to ancestry, ideals, and aspirations in Tamil culture. What counts most is the love and care you’ll show your child as they grow into their name, regardless of whether you choose a well-known, unusual, or current name. May your search for the ideal Tamil baby boy name be a joyful, meaningful, and multi-cultural experience.

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